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When Amazon Started in 1999

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

If you’re following this page, then the chances are you’re already selling products on Amazon, or thinking about doing so.

Even if you’re not, but simply starting out in business - do not fear the unknown! 9.2 years ago and counting :)

We are still learning, but do so with pride. The above picture was back in 1999 when Jeff Bezo, founder and owner of set up in his small office. Little did he know by 2018 he’d be one of the richest, most successful businessmen and retail trend changing people in the world.

Whilst it’s important to dream big, it’s equally important to be grounded and careful of your decisions. It’s better to fail early and learn from it than later on and fail big, so don’t fret - just learn.


Take all the advice you can get but, be careful who you take it from. What makes them qualified to give advice? Whilst many forums and groups set up for help are a good thing, don’t listen to everyone. Opinions are different, and methods differ to suit individuals so there’s not always one right answer but, remember that many of the surrounding users are just like you.... Starting off or, very new in Business.

It’s a good idea to join free groups such as this one ‘Amazon FBA UK Sellers’ to absorb the FBA systematic advice. Learn what others do, how they fail, what works and what doesn’t work. It’s not a one stop shop to advise on EVERYTHING business related and they don’t claim to be, so ensure you don’t make the mistake of assuming that yourself.

If you need accountancy advice, go seek a professional. You should appoint an accountant from day one ready to prepare you for submitting your personal and business accounts 1 year later.

  • If you need a web designer - Go find a recommended and local Media company.

  • If you need a PR company, go find one. Do your research.

  • If you need a foreign currency account, go find one and ask for recommendations from those that have used them for years.

  • DON’T always trust the people that find you, unless you do research on them. Companies house checks, website, social media, a quick google search are all worthy checks. You’ll never find a scam, they will find you.

Not everyone in business is qualified to help you, so take the best advice from every sector.

We are here to advice on Logistics, and if you want opinions on starting out a business from scratch - the above would be our advice, otherwise we are experts with International Shipping/Logistics and we don’t mind shouting about it!.

(And we are: Westbound Logistics Services Ltd / / - an International Freight company helping hundreds of small, medium and large blue chip retailers get stock from factory to shop floor.)

Join our free Facebook Discussion group for more FAQ's from fellow FBA sellers.

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