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About Amazon FBA Logistics Advice


We are Westbound Logistics Services Ltd, a privately owned British company that set up in 2009.


Our owners (Danny & Ryan) have over 20 years of experience and knowledge within the Logistics industry.


As times change, so does our knowledge and expertise. Over the past 2 years, Westbound have become more and more involved with Amazon retailers and as such are able to offer a direct factory to Amazon Hub/Distribution centres service, across Europe and North America.


Our process usually starts in China, where we have the benefit of our privately owned Westbound Logistics Services (China) Ltd offices. Our seamless communication in-house, shows it’s value outside to benefit our customers too.


We found ourselves being approached by new Importers to answer questions on how importing works in general, and specifically for Amazon FBA retailers.


We are here to help, and this page is here dedicated to storing commonly asked questions from Amazon specifically related importers.


We do not expect everyone to use us, although we are here to help with the entire package as Logistics provider, we are also happy to offer guidance and opinions on how to avoid some pitfalls and “no-go areas”.


We enjoy business, we enjoy growing our business, and we enjoy helping others do the same.


Come and join our active Facebook Group with like-minded Amazon FBA members (JOIN HERE FOR FREE)



  Our Expertise


  • Logistics Advice

  • Arranging/Handling all Logistical Processes 

  • Partners with FBA VAT/TAX Experts

  • Partners with Amazon FBA Facebook Support Groups

  • Partnerships in place to introduce China Sourcing Agents

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