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What is Hazmat / Hazardous Material

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

What is it, and why should I be concerned?

Hazmat is Hazardous Material which can be labelled as such for a number of reasons. Including toxic, explosive, corrosive an Irritant or many more reasons including simply containing batteries.

If you’re selling on Amazon especially the FBA facilities, (Fulfilment by Amazon), you must supply all relevant paperwork prior to your carrier or forwarder delivering in. This would be a DGN (Dangerous Goods Note) and a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

It is our understanding that FBA does not allow hazardous goods at this moment but please check directly. We do know that paperwork must be supplied to even attempt to deliver in - this would enable the pre-Hazmat checks by Amazon.

Where do I get Hazmat Paperwork from?

Don’t worry. It’s not something you get yourself unless you were the seller/exporting. Your supplier arranges this - you just need to understand it’s needed. Using a good Freight Forwarder is paramount in your business as yet again, this is where they step in. If goods are hazardous, the Forwarder would need this paperwork to declare properly on the container (ship) or aircraft. Many Hazmat items are not allowed to fly at all, so again - rather important to avoid huge IATA fines!

Some hazardous material cannot be stored remotely close by other materials incase of severe consequences of them coming together. Having correctly declared Hazardous material is so important for planning and acceptance to everywhere it travels.

It will cost a little more to ship Hazmat. Extra documents, and extra planning with sometimes less freight being stowed around it = less revenue contribution that needs to be made up.

Once shipped, your Freight Forwarder will have those documents to hand which can be supplied to you for FBA Hazmat checks prior to delivery.

Once you understand why it’s so important, the process is easy. It’s just being aware what to ask for, and what to check for during the process.

If you’re not already using a great Freight Forwarder - get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.

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