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The Complete Package of Advice

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

Although we are just part of the important supply chain, ‘The Logistics part”, we have learn’t a few things ourselves whilst handling Amazon FBA products over the years.

Sharing advice is key!

There’s nothing like a trusted collaboration of people with a wealth of knowledge, as this can all seem daunting to a start up entrepreneur’s early career. Outside of our Logistics knowledge, we cannot help you with FBA Systems, Jungle Scout or other questions about the retail side of things, and whilst we can advice on VAT/Tax queries, we can’t offer you a solution of Cross Border selling....

However, we know some people that can and we’re pleased to recommend these pages:-

  1. Are you a member of a Facebook Community of FBA sellers? It’s a good idea to join one or two. Here is one that we belong to: Amazon FBA U.K Sellers Group

  2. Are you interested in speaking to some experts regarding Selling into Europe? This company are able to help you with a one stop shop solution. They provide a monthly subscription solution to registering and handling your entire European VAT & TAX affairs and they’re called: FBA HERO

  3. Sourcing your products. If you haven’t yet found a good supplier, not sure where to start and are put off by the stories of Alibaba bedroom entrepreneurs, then we have a fantastic recommendation to make. GBP Asia Ltd, are a British owned company with their own offices and staff in Guangzhou. They have sourced for many of our clients, quality checked, negotiated pricing, set up legal contracts, non-disclosures and arranged trade show events with hotels and GBP Asia translator staff to accompany. Speak with

  4. And of course, we are here for the Logistics! No matter where you are buying from, and no matter where you are importing or Exporting to, we can help you with the actual operations or even just advice. We are Westbound Logistics Services Ltd.

As always, please share our post if you find it useful. Recommend us to other FBA Sellers as well as any 3rd party groups we mention. They are all here to help you become the most efficient Amazon FBA businesses.

Join our free Facebook Discussion group for more FAQ's from fellow FBA sellers.

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